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What is it that you have like about the Corrs?

The Corrs have the great ability and tendency to mix and blend pop music with their traditional one; French This one guy and three ladies have surely and successfully encompassed all the limits of Alternative rock, folk rock, Celtic, pop rock, and Celtic fusion to their fullest. The interesting fact about this band is that they have not only contributed hugely towards musical industry but also their contribution for charity is worth mentioning. They also have received a lot of awards and appreciations for the same purpose.  They really have dealt with all the hurdles in their way since inception that have earned them true fans. So the people who fight for their place are probably the best artists out there. This is what Corrs did just like numerous other bands.

Why you thought that it will be beneficial if you start posting news about the Corrs?

I literally haven’t seen any true fan page of ‘The Corrs’ as of now so I thought it will be a great treat for the fans out there if they are able to find themselves a true fan page of the Corrs. The people out there also demand for a fan page of maybe their favorite personality or a band to completely dedicate it their stars and this is what we are doing. I dedicate this whole fan page to the countless efforts of the Corrs.

Why you believe that it is a true fan page of the Corrs?

It is going to be a true fan page of The Corrs as it will be having all the information about the band. Whether it is going to be their upcoming album or their past albums; you are going to find all information about them in this site. This information will also include gossips about their personal lives and professional lives and also the latest happenings in their lives. Whatever they are planning to do and the things they are up to in their lives, their future goals, and so on. It also will include all the album and single reviews and analysis made by experts. Also the awards and appreciations they have earned because of their dedicated effort. In other words, anything you want to know about any of Andrea Corr (lead vocalist and has the role of playing tin whistle), Caroline Corr (given the charge of drums, percussion, piano, bodhrán, and vocals to some extent), Jim Corr (given the charge of guitar, piano, keyboards, and again vocals to some content), and Sharon Corr (plays violin, and give vocals); you will find it here. In future, you won’t have to wander here or there to find some quality information about “The Corrs” and this single site will be enough for you.


It also is a fact that in beginning this band was not very well received but they built up their positive reputation in a short span afterwards. Pop Music has always been my weakness in a way that it gets into my soul from beginning till the end.

    My Story

    Hey you! So you are a fan of this sweet little Irish band? Well who won’t be the fan of ‘The Corrs’ as they have the great ability and tendency to mix and blend pop music with their traditional one. This one guy and three ladies have surely and successfullyMore.....